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Please Donate Now!

We want to thank you for your generous and life saving donations. Craine's Crew celebrated its 4th year of raising crucial research money for this deadly disease and we celebrated 5 years since our diagnosis. Once again, The Akron Marathon was a huge success with over 30 team members representing our fund and running in memory of the beautiful souls taken too early from cancer. Our team raised over $20,000 and we are so proud! We continue to advocate for new treatment options and clinical trials as well as provide support to patients throughout the country. This year we sadly lost 16 of our Cholangiocarcinoma friends and it inspires us to continue our mission. Your contribution has impacted the lives of those with this rare cancer and we thank you.

David and Lisa

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Craine's Crew celebrating its 3rd Anniversary and The Akron Community Foundation celebrating its 60th Anniversary

Lisa with her hero, Dr. John Fung,

Cleveland Clinic Foundation


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